Another Pre-Release from the upcoming Jon Whitman album, “Friends”: Time, featuring Pat Wendler

This is a cover version of the Pink Floyd song,Time, featuring Pat Wendler  and Jon Whitman collaborating on vocals, guitar, bass guitar, as well as mixing and producing the sound.


Newest Music, Pre-Release from “Friends” album: The Only Exception, featuring Alyssa Luc

This is a cover version of the Paramore song, The Only Exception, featuring Alyssa Luc on vocals, with Jon Whitman playing 12-string guitar and bass guitar, as well as mixing and producing the sound.

The Only Exception

Latest Performance of the Band, Infinite Prosperity, January 2012

This is an untitled original composition co-written by myself and Mike Palazzi.

Infinite Prosperity Live at MLHS 01/2012


New Composition: “Ascension”

“Ascension” reflects the techniques of my favorite musicians. The goal for this composition is to spark the imagination of the listener. Personally, the music gives me an invigorating feeling, as if I were rising above the limits of the world.

The piece was composed, engineered, mixed, programmed, and performed by me using Cubase LE4 software on a Dell PC (Windows XP) with an Audiobox USB (Presonus) audio recording interface, a Yamaha PSR-GX76 keyboard with drum and orchestral synthesizers, and an ESP LTD EC1000 electric guitar. The exported .wav file was converted to .mp3 using Audacity software.

Listen to Ascension

Original Composition: “Hills of Stone”

“Hills of Stone” by Jonathan Whitman

As a musician of extensive taste, I do my best to incorporate as many different styles of music as possible in both my performance and compositions. This piece, named “Hills of Stone”, is a piece similar to my rendition of “Nature the Gentlest Mother” by Emily Dickinson in that it is slow, settling, and emotional. As my first complete composition I have recorded/produced, I cannot say I am entirely satisfied with the result, but it will suffice until I have the proper equipment to drastically improve it.

I derived the name “Hills of Stone” from an appreciation and honor for the dead. Originally, the piece was named “Hills of Arlington”, for I had written the piece immediately after visiting Arlington National Cemetery. The visit to this national environment of honor and pride impacted me emotionally, and upon returning home I quickly got on my guitar and created this melody. I did not personally see any use in making the rhythm complex, I did however want to capture ambience and create a spiritual atmosphere for the listeners as if, by some unnatural power, they can envision themselves drifting like a spirit. However, there is no implied message or feeling that I wish to impose within this piece (which is the magic of instrumental music!).  With its ambience and melody, “Hills of Stone” is the first piece that I truly focused on making impacting on the emotional level, which has become my main ambition in music.

Hills of Stone was created, recorded and produced by me using Cubase LE4 software on a Dell PC running Window XP, with an Audiobox USB (by Presonus) audio recording interface. I composed and played all the instruments, including a Yamaha PSR-GX76 keyboard with drum synthesizer and ESP LTD EC1000 electric guitar. The file was exported to a .wav file and then converted to .mp3 with Audacity software.

Click here to listen to Hills of Stone

Concerto inspired by “Nature the Gentlest Mother”

Original composition (Concerto style) inspired by “Nature the Gentlest Mother” by Emily Dickinson

This composition, which I credit as my first written piece of music that reflects a large part of my creative style, was a part of my final project in my Music Theory class of 2010-11. The project was to create 3 compositions; a Bach chorale, an original piece, and an additional original piece that could both utilize and accentuate the poem “Nature the Gentlest Mother” by Emily Dickinson. The chorale took about two weeks to complete because of my difficulty to follow the rules and restrictions of the Baroque style, but when the time came to write the original piece for the poem, I was determined to make it the best I could.

Reading the lyrics of the poem, I sensed a theme of both peace and ambition. Nature was peaceful and gentle, but almost always a place of shelter for its kin. The peace and ambition that I sensed in the poem inspired me to create a settling melody with a slow tempo to ease the listener. Because I created the melody on guitar, I incorporated a guitar as sort of a gracious action but also as an edgy characteristic to symbolize the ambition of Nature, and incorporated an alto voice to symbolize the “Mother” that Nature is depicted as in the poem. I selected the violin to embody the feeling of majesty and peace of Nature. After another two weeks of working on this piece, I presented it to my music teacher, who was impressed to see that I had unknowingly written a concerto, which normally consists of a solo instrument playing against and alternating in rhythm with an orchestra. This piece has become the bedrock for the compositions that I would create on a professional level.

This piece was created on guitar, then constructed using Sibelius Student software, then exported to mp3 format with Audacity software.

Click here to listen to Nature The Gentlest Mother. A shorter, approximately half-length sample can be listened to Nature The Gentlest Mother sample.

Original Composition and Performance: No Sorrow

This is a song written by myself and Mike Palazzi. It’s a fun jam song.

This song is Untitled. We performed it with two other friends as the Band, No Sorrow, at the Mountain Lakes High School talent show in 2010.

MLHS Talent Show 2010 Performance


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